The future of plant-protein

Mung beans circle

Meet GrainFrac

We’re pioneering sustainable, affordable, and superior plant-protein ingredients to improve the way plant-based food and beverage are made.

Our process

What do we do

We partner with farmers and food and beverages companies to improve the sustainability, efficiency and product characteristics (taste, texture, functionality) of plant-proteins.

Our Patent & Patent Pending Technology

We’ve developed proprietary processes for separating and concentrating grains and pulses into functional components (isolates, concentrates and byproduct streams) more sustainably with less resources (water and energy).

Scoop of chick peas

High quality protein isolates for the following mainstream and specialized applications:

  • Milk container Dairy Alternatives
  • Meat Fork Meat Alternatives
  • Apple and lunch box Better-for-you Snacking
  • Sports shirt Sports and health nutrition
  • Beverage container Functional Beverages

Shortcomings of current technology

Current extraction technologies are capital intensive, cost-inefficient, and require massive amounts of water and energy.

Yellow peas

Grainfrac’s Advantages


Lower Opex

More cost-efficient with lower production costs vs. current industry leading technologies

Water sustainability


Utilizes less water and energy resulting in lower GHG emissions

Smaller building

Lower Capex

Smaller more productive footprint vs current industry leading technologies



All natural process with no chemicals or solvents and produces less waste water

Robust & Versatile

Can be used across a variety of pulse grains

Trays of pulse grains

Investment Opportunity

The plant-based protein market is expected to grow by 4.2 billion to reach 14.5 billion USD annually in 2025. GrainFrac is currently seeking capital in order to scale our protein isolate production. Investors are encouraged to contact us directly to learn more about this opportunity.

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